(3-4 year old group)


This age group is an exciting one, where we begin to see the learner’s unique personality shine through, watch them develop real friendships and enjoy the “Why?” questions 50 times a day.

Here we keep revising shapes, colours and mathematics, and we introduce our Letterland characters together with one-on-one teacher assistance, each student is guided in learning the correct formation of these letters, whilst the teacher helps with the correct static tripod grip. Concepts such as size, spatial awareness; sequential and visual memory are just a few that are further established at an age appropriate level, all while assessing Language, Social Emotional and Gross motor development.

In this age group, a ‘Personal Goals’ file is introduced, and new goals are added weekly, to reiterate what is learnt at school, while creating a wonderful opportunity for parent and child to spend some screen-free quality time together.

Each child is individually assessed with each task, giving Teacher Nadia the advantage she needs to further develop all learning areas with the help of her fun-loving assistant, Ntlantla.

With our curriculum and the cooperation of our parents, our young preschoolers will be ready for Grade 00!

Making Memories

Our little ones take part in all our special school activities. At Kingscastle Preprimary School we understand that kids grow up way too fast and we make it our mission to create special memories for you and your child. Here are some of our special events that we arrange every year.

Easter Last Supper

Valentines Day

Smiles and red outfits everywhere, because we all deserve to be loved.

Meet the preschoolers Teacher