Junior Toddlers

(1-2 year old group)

Junior Toddlers

Our little toddlers are a curious bunch, and with Teacher Bina and her two assistants ensuring the day is filled with loads of gooey, messy work and opportunities for Parallel play, the tots are sure to be instilled with a love for learning.

We encourage pulling, pushing, climbing, jumping and throwing to strengthen their balance, coordination and shoulder girdle, while also including activities to develop their Language, Life skills and Cognitive abilities by learning rhymes, simple shapes, colours and counting.

Amongst all the love, delicious food and sticky fun, there is a lot of ‘serious’ learning that must take place and luckily, we have the perfect environment: surrounded by story books, peg board puzzles, sorting games, building blocks and large threading beads – all which help introduce Mathematics, early Literacy and Perceptual skills, as well helping to form their pincer grip, which they will develop over time, into the correct tripod grip they will need for Grade 1.

The key to all this is a happy, safe atmosphere with tons of FUN!

Making Memories

Our little ones take part in all our special school activities. At Kingscastle Preprimary School we understand that kids grow up way too fast and we make it our mission to create special memories for you and your child. Here are some of our special events that we arrange every year.

Easter & Last Supper

Valentines Day

Smiles and red outfits everywhere, because we all deserve to be loved.

Meet the junior toddlers Teacher