Grade 00

Grade 00

Teacher Ashleigh and her dedicated assistant, Nunu, begin their year by revising all the basic concepts, and slowly add on each term, while continuously assessing all learning areas.

As our preschoolers enter the Senior classes, they are greeted with intricate fine motor tasks; gross motor movements that strengthen the core, shoulder girdle and posture, to allow them to sit at a table for a bit longer, where they will practice more complex perceptual and cognitive exercises.

In Grade 00 we work closely with our moms and dads to ensure our learners are able to identify all letter characters, phonics and numbers, to give them the advantage in Grade R, when they will begin reading and doing simple mathematics.

Homework files are sent home weekly, which serves as a revision of anything that is done in class. This includes, writing practice, visual aids for recognition, gross motor exercises and life skill goals, while creating a wonderful opportunity for parent and child to spend some screen-free quality time together.

Making Memories

Our little ones take part in all our special school activities. At Kingscastle Preprimary School we understand that kids grow up way too fast and we make it our mission to create special memories for you and your child. Here are some of our special events that we arrange every year.

Easter Last Supper

Valentines Day

Smiles and red outfits everywhere, because we all deserve to be loved.

Meet the Grade 00 Teacher