Senior Toddlers

(2-3 year old group)

Senior Toddlers

As each child approaches their third birthday, they begin to show an eagerness to toilet training and once they feel emotionally safe, it is a milestone Teacher Monique and her two assistants take pride in helping them master.

Every morning our young ones, are greeted with a variety of play areas, which they are welcome to explore at their leisure before our school day starts.

These toddlers begin their year by revising all the fun concepts taught to them the year before and with the teacher’s guidance and organized learning periods, they will end their year knowing how to identify most body parts, almost all colours and shapes and able to build puzzles between 12 and 24 pieces.

Each child is individually assessed on a daily basis, which gives our teachers the advantage to further develop the learning areas, which could be improved. As the teacher introduces a new concept, it is communicated on her Weekly Planner, displayed on her classroom door, as well as via WhatsApp to allow for a fully enriched learning experience at home as well.

Making Memories

Our little ones take part in all our special school activities. At Kingsastle Preprimary School we understand that kids grow up way too fast and we make it our mission to create special memories for you and your child. Here are some of our special events that we arrange every year.

Easter and Last Supper

Valentines Day

Smiles and red outfits everywhere, because we all deserve to be loved.

Meet the senior toddlers Teacher